Thursday, 11 September 2014

Navigation session, Sept'14

Early September and we'd organised a Navigation session in the northern Pentlands. Our small group of 4 cheery folk had at the last minute been extended to 5. Any more than 6 people and we book the meeting room in the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, but as we had this nice small number, we can all fit into our Hymer Motorhome - this works surprisingly well !

We discussed maps - types, what ones to use for hill-navigation, the detail and content, magnetic variation over time and much, much more. The group took a real liking to the Harvey Mountain Maps. Onto compasses - the bit everyone gets excited and apprehensive about ! We found out what makes a good compass (and what makes a bad one), and put the theory together having a wee practice in the 'classroom'.

Out onto the hills next ! The September air was warm with the sun shining over the hill, bringing a fine glow to our faces. After locating ourselves, we used the 4 'D's and gradually progressed into the Pentland hills, everyone picking up the techniques. Carnethy Hill Running club were having a club race to Allermuir as we were planning our final leg of our route, lots of runners, some sprnting, some jogging and a few walking up the grassy bank nearby.

Upon reaching the re-entrant below Allermuir Hill, the sun disappeared behind the hills side. A final bit of re-section to find out where we were, we started back downhill. The clouds were lit up red by the remaining light of the day's sun - just beautiful. We could make out Ben Vorlich, Stuc a'Chroin, Ben More, Stob Binnein, Ben Ledi and even Ben Lomond !

Great group who all hopefully learned loads !

More details of our navigation sessions and next dates are here.