Saturday, 26 July 2014

Beinn Eunaich and Beinn a'Chochuill, July'14

Steven was hiking with Diane and Christina up the two Munros north of Dalmally on a very hot July day.

We met early on the south side of Edinburgh and drove the two journey to Dalmally - a breeze at this time of day. Upon arriving at the day's start, we were greeted by the local farmer and his cattle, briskly moving from one field to another. A quick kit-check and off we walked up the fine path towards the foot of Beinn Eunaich. Ahead, the farmer was moving the last of his herd, a large bull - into another field with another bull already there, a fight for dominance commenced. This was both interesting and slightly scary to watch, we kept well away incase they charged through the fence.

Back to our walk, we left the farmer and his stock behind and started up the hydro track. It was really hot today, so progress was kept to a leisurely pace. The cairn marking the start of the faint uphill path was found and we folowed this uphill. Steep for a few hundred metres, it levelled out abruptly and we enjoyed a relaxed hike to the summit. On the way we were met by some curious ptarmigans and a flock of nervous golden plovers that quickly went into flight when they caught a glimpse of us. Fabulous views all around from the cairn, we picked out peaks close and distant as we tucked into our elevensies.

Onto Beinn a'Chochuill, we traced the faint path down to the col between the two Munros and met 4 guys coming in the opposite direction - they we moving at a quicker pace than us, glowing red faces dripping with sweat ! Up to the summit, we hi-fived and settled in to savour the weather and views.

After the best path of an hour, we decided we ought to think about returning. Retracing our steps took us to the remains of a demolished cairn to mark the start of the downhill path. After quickly rebuilding it (we like cairns), down we went to reach the cool water of the burn below. Water bottles refilled, we returned to the roadside.

A great day, very hot - the thermometer on the watch topped 33.8° in the shade !

More photos are in this Flickr album.

The route we hiked is on this Strava entry.