Sunday, 27 April 2014

Torridon Giants, April'14

Richard led a group of the Torridon Munros in late April. Some glorious conditions. Here's his tale.....

I met up with Mike, Steve, Paul and Tarn at the foot of Beinn Alligin on a lovely day in Torridon. We made great progress up the much improved path up the mountain enjoying regular breaks to take in the fantastic weather. There weren't many folk up Alligin today though we did meet a group of runners on the highest summit with a trio of dogs. Tarn who was walking with us was very well behaved and seemed to relish the group dynamic as we traversed the mountain. We soon were scrambling over the horns of Alligin where some of the bigger rock steps proves a bi much for Tarn (I forgot to mention she is a lovely brown border collie) though together we got her up them all. After a leisurely descent stopping in the sun we soon were back at the cars planning the next day.

It was an even better day as we set off up Beinn Eighe on the second day of the Torridon trip. We made our way up Coire an Laoigh and were soon resting on the summit of Spidean Coire nan Clach in glorious sunshine! Tarn seemed much more relaxed on today's walk often scouting ahead to stop at the cairns to wait for us slow coaches. The blue skies were really picking out the detail in the quartzite ridges as the sun got hotter and hotter. We weren't in a rush and made sure there wee plenty of photographic stops and rests to soak up the best weather of the year so far. On the summit of Choinnich Mor we could look right on to some of the wreckage of the Lancaster Bomber that crashed here on 1956 at the top of Fuselage gully. It didn't take us long to reach Ruadh Stac Mor for another relaxing break in the sunshine before picking out way down the scree and snow into Coire Mhic Fhearchair. We had the corrie to ourselves and made sure of plenty of rests to take in the amazing amphitheatre in the early evening sunshine. A fine evening stroll out and a trip to the Inn for dinner finished one of the best days out on Beinn Eighe I've ever had.

The third day was Liathach and our group increased to eight and Steven joined us to make sure there were two guides on the ridge. It was much windier and the threat of cloud was visibly coming from the east. We made quick progress to the ridge line and into gusty winds with some cloud as we scrambled over to the summit of Spidean a'Coire Leith. Here we split into two groups as I headed back down with Paul and Tarn to I've the cars along the glen to collect the others who succeeded in traversing the ridge though avoiding the pinnacles due to the wind. It was another warm day back lower down and the cloud never quite settled on Liathach either. Everybody looked bronzed my the sun and wind, but happy with the triumph!