Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Beinn Sgulaird, Oct'13

On this day we were heaing up Beinn Sgulaird from near the head of Loch Creran. We weren't taking the direct route up from Glenure Farm, although this is far shorter and with less ascent. No, we were going to enjoy the scenic route, particularly with the fine weather that was lingering on from yesterday.

Arriving at the lay-by near the head of the loch, in shaded and pretty cold temperatures, we gathered together, got our gear ready and headed up the rough track by Druimavuic. Out of the forest, there seemed to be a fair bit of construction going on - hydro works ? At a small cairn, we left the track behind and hiked up the faint path meandering its way through the grass. We passed the large erratic boulder that is seen clearly from way down, then reached the minor summit (marked with a spot height of 488m) and stopped for some food and to take in the fabulous views that had been developing the higher we'd hiked.

Once nourished, we continued on, layering up a bit higher up since although skies were clear, temperatures were dropping and a slight wind had picked up. Onto the first summit of the hill (marked 883m), Beinn Sgulaird presented its western side ahead, its summit less than 2km away, but looking much further. Passing some rough looking feral sheep on the way, we walked over Meall Garbh (another summit on route) and reached Beinn Sgulaird's summit with its large untidy cairn. Wow, the views were glorious and vast ! All the way to Mull and Rum to the west and Ben Nevis and beyond to the north.

As we took it all in, three folk approached us from the Glenure side - including Angela Mudge and Fiona Maxwell (if you don't know who they are, then Google them !). They were intending to bag Beinn Sgulaird then head over to Beinn Fhionnlaidh, however two of their Jack Russells had got lost which chasing some rabbits, so would probably cut their day short (whih they did and found the dogs waiting for them back at the car).

We were thinking of bagging the Corbett Creach Bheinn, however we were all enjoying taking the day at a leisurely pace, so decided not to bother. Good choice and we headed back. We stopped at the minor summit marked 488m only to gawp at the sight of a golden eagle soar up in front of us - I managed to get the camera out in time for a grainy shot.

A great day, topped off with a visit to the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum for some excellent grubb on the way home.

More photos are up on our Flickr page.