Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pap of Glencoe, October'13

A group of American friends contacted us to organise a day on the 'Pap of Glencoe'. This would be their first day exploring Scotland, on route to Skye, the Great Glen, Grampian and finally Edinburgh.

On a glorious early autumn morning, I met Debra, Paul, Jo and Lisa in the rough carpark at the foot of the 'Pap of Glencoe'. A quick check of gear and off we wandered along a path through the wood, the sun glimpsing between the leaves. No wind, no midgies - perfect ! Out of the wood, we started uphill and we're met by some curious cows. We walked at a gentle pace through the ferns and reached the half-way point - a delightful flat grassy area with a lovely view. Lisa and Debra decided that this was such a beautiful spot, they chose to stay here and enjoy the views in the warm autumn sunshine. The guys and myself continued up the path and onto the boulderfield just below the summit. A bit of easy scrambling and we were on the summit. Wow, the views were stunning ! As we were taking in the landscape, a golden eagle soared by in search of thermals.

We hung around for half an hour and would have stayed much longer, had we not remembered about the girls halfway down. So about turn, and back down. The 'Pap' was fairly busy - we stopped a blether end with folk coming up. Back to the girls, we then continued further down the path. We were overtaken by several faster moving groups, all on their way down from traversing the Aonach Eagach ridge

What a superb day with lovely company.

Photos of the day are up on our Flickr site !

ps Paul later posted a comment on Facebook : "I can not come up with enough superlatives to express our gratitude and appreciation for Steven on our hike up the Pap of Glencoe!"