Thursday, 19 September 2013

Beinn Bhrotain & Monadh Mor, Aug'13

A weekend of mixed weather saw us in the Cairngorms for a couple of days. Our targets on the Saturday were the vast expanses of Beinn Bhrotain and Monadh Mor. If we had time we might even add in the Devil's Point !

On Beinn Bhrotain's summit
Tricia, Isobel, Victoria, Paul, Christine and myself met at the Linn of Dee car-park and got our kit together. On the road above the dramatic gorge, we cycled westwards, getting onto the track to White Bridge. Out of the forest and straight into wind and rain, waterproofs were quickly put on - as it turn out, they'd be on for most of the day ! At White Bridge, after locking bikes together, it was time to get the legs into a walking rhythm and we headed north on a fine path (that used to be an even finer track until the NTS got to it). Off the track and onto a wet trod cutting and faint route through the heather, we were now aiming for Beinn Bhrotain with the occasional aid of compass and altimeter - the mist was well down. We just got into a good pace and plough on uphill reaching the summit cairn with absolutely no views.

It was a tad cold, so after a couple of photos, we continued on and dropped to the col below Monadh Mor. Ah, a sheltered spot, time for some lunch and some craic !

Ptarmigan doing a fly-past on Monadh Mor
Up Monadh Mor in thick mist, my navigation skills were being tested. Still no views at the summit cairn, so, like the previous Munro summit, a photo an on we hiked. A few minutes beyond the summit, the mist magically lifted and we could see all around, over to Cairn Toul, the Feshie hills on our left and the Lairig Ghru on our right. Below we could see a group of tents by Loch nan Stuiteag, some guys poking their heads out checking on the fine weather that had just moved in. With the good weather our spirits lifted and it was decided to aim over to the Devil's Point. It's a bit of a trudge through grass and heather, contouring around Buidheanach of Cairntoul, but the group managed it at a steady pace and before long we were up on the Munro's summit taking in the splendid views - our effort had been rewarded !

Nearing the Devil's Point's summit
All that was left was to return to the bikes. Well almost ! Downhill on the constructed path to Corrour Bothy, time was getting on. We decided to split the group in two once over the bridge crossing the River Dee as some of the group needed to get home sharply. This worked well, myself waiting at the bikes for everyone to return before cycling back to Linn of Dee.

On the Devil's Point looking over the Lairig Ghru

A great day, showing that occasionally you need to head out even when the weather forecast is a bit iffy !

Heading down from Monadh Mor

More photos are on our Flickr page.