Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rough Bounds of Knoydart, Jun'13

Jim led a group into the Rough Bounds of Knoydart towards the end of June. A bit wet, here's his thoughts on the days...

On Saturday, 22nd June, after the long drive along Loch Arkaig on undulating single track road (not recommended for those who get travel sick!), we all met where the public road ends at Strathan.  From there, John, Brian, Violet, Sandra, Angela, Isobel, and Sam followed Jim and his collie, Marsco, through the light rain along the Upper Glendessary track for about 8km  until we started climbing steeply towards Sgurr na Ciche. The weather was not the best, and full metal goretex was worn by all, and even got the group shelter out as a portable changing room to get warmer kit on. The final ascent up to the Munro followed a steep river gulley, and we rock hopped over the stream numerous times until we got to Beallach nan Gall (Beallach of the whistle/chanter), and finally onto Sgurr na Ciche (Peak of the breast), 1040m.

After some pretty misty photos on the Munro, we headed East to Garbh Chioch Mor (Big rough place of the breast) 1013m. Along the ridge we were a little lower and the clouds parted occasionally to give us some fine views, but the clouds remained heavy on Sgurr na Ciche! Then to Garbh Chioch Bheag, 968m (this is a top). The last Munro of the day was Sgurr nan Coireachan (Peak of the Corries) 953m, and the weather improved, giving us views all around, including Sgurr Mor,( tomorrow’s Munro). After dropping back into Glendessary, it was a 6 km walk back to our cars at Strathan.

On Sunday 23rd June we met once again at Strathan, but Violet and Sam decided to miss out today. I must say, the weather was worse than Saturday’s, but Brian, Sandra, John, Isobel, and Angela, never lost  their sense of humour!  This time we walked up Glendessary only as far as Glendessary lodge, then turned north over Bealach na Feith (350m), and down into Glen Kingie. A wild glen which eventually leads into Glen Garry, with many burns which were all quite high due to the heavy rainfall. We found a suitable crossing  of the Kingie burn, poles were a great help to keep ones  balance on slippery rocks. Then picked a direct line up to Sgurr Mor (Big mountain) 1003m. After more misty happy snaps, as the weather was not improving, we all decided that one Munro was enough for today, therefore skipped the Corbett Sgurr Fhuaran and headed back to the cars the same way which we had come out on.