Thursday, 22 November 2012

Strathfarrar Munros, Nov'12

Glen Strathfarrar is a beautiful, quiet glen, at the end of which is a circuit of 4 Munros. We were here at the beginning of November with 12 clients to bag the peaks.

A private road heads along Glen Strathfarrar and we sought permission to take 3 cars past the locked gate at Struy. It's a fair drive along the road to the foot of the hills. Upon arriving, we rearranged the cars so as clients didn't have a long walk back at the end of the day.

On a fine track the group headed up following the Allt Toll a'Mhuic - we were doing the circuit of peaks west-east as a south-westerly wind was forecast and therefore should be behind us most of the day. A breif break was had at Loch Toll a'Mhuic before the last 500m slog onto the crest. At around 800m we were walking over a light dusting of snow, which gradually got slightly deeper as we progressed. Just before reaching the crest, we met a couple of guys, one who must have been camping by his car in the glen overnight (I didn't think that was allowed). Onto the crest and in a bit of shelter, people put on an extra layer in preparation for being battered by the wind on the ridge.

The wind turned out to be a lot lighter than expected and we continued with ease onto Sgurr Fhuar-thuill's summit. Although the conditions are not what we would call full-blown winter conditions, more an autumnal snow covering, for a few folk this was the first time they'd done any hill-walking on snow - and a fine introduction it was too ! We enjoyed some superb views, including northwards looking to Torridon, Ben Klibreck and Ben Wyvis and southwards to Ben Nevis.

Over the minor top of Creag Ghorm a'Bhealaich the group progressed well, some way ahead, others lagging behind to take photos of the superb views. Up to Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais and into mist. There are two cairns and a trig point up here, you takes your pick which is the summit !

Some food in, a check of the compass and onwards and eastwards we continued. The mist lifted and route ahead then became obvious. Some of the group really took up the pace. Some others were struggling a bit. After a bit of a chat, since we only had around 2 hours daylight remaining, we decided to split the group into two, with the faster folk heading on and the slower folk aiming downhill. I took the faster group and we struck up Carn nan Gobhar and over to Sgurr na Ruaidhe, returning to the roadside on the last few minutes of daylight.

A great day out. More photos are on our Flickr page.