Sunday, 23 September 2012

Skye Munros, Sept'12

That brings to an end our Skye Munros weeks for 2012. Another year where all peaks were climbed during the weeks with the exact criteria moulded to the weeks weather forecast, to allow successful summits to be attained. At times this year we had snow, hail, rain, sun, a strong variety of wind speeds and sometimes all on the same day. When the clouds allowed, people could see the true beauty of the island and its stunning blend with the sea and more remote islands beyond. 

Our dates for next year are now confirmed ! We have 4 trips organised, 2 in May and 2 more in September. More details are on the website

As the autumn now gets underway, keep an eye on the weather. Several weeks ago we headed up to An Dorus on Skye and crossed the burn in the photo at its lowish level. I commented to the clients that we would not be returning later to cross the burn as it was starting to rain heavily. 3.5 hours later we walked beside it having crossed at the very head of the valley and saw a completely uncrossable burn. None of us expected it to rise quite that much. The photo shows the difference between normal summer flow and then at the same point of the crossing ! Plan carefully and never be tempted to cross spate burns.

Bruce Poll, 23 Sept