Friday, 8 June 2012

Glenshee, June'12

Day 2 of our Jubilee hiking break saw us head up the plateau east of Glenshee where our group set off with the intention of bagging up to 6 Munros. This is a vast area, with gentle slopes and soft terrain for the most part, however navigation can be testing when the mist and rain pull in !

We started from the Ski Centre at Glenshee and hauled ourselves up the track. Some of the group had already done Glas Maol and Creag Leacach before, so opted for a shortcut. The rest of the group traced a faint path around Glas Maol to a cairn on the col between it and Creag Leacach, then followed a wall to the bouldery summit. Being well prepared, I radioed the other group to find their location and found out all was well and they were waiting for us on the summit of Glas Maol.

We were enjoying sunshine again, though today it looked as if darker skies were heading in from the south-west. Up to Glas Maol was a pleasant trudge and now most of the day's climb had been completed, even though we still had 4 Munros to go ! Susan, one of the group had done the remaining Munros, so she dropped directly back to the road to bag the peaks on the otherside of Glenshee. The rest of us aimed to Cairn of Claise, where we had the day's lunch-stop, chilling out in the sunshine behind a wall butting onto the cairn. As we prepared to leave, we were joined by another group, then a couple, then some mountain-bikers, then more. Goodness, it was busy, so time for another Munro.

With the group refreshed, there was plenty fuel in the tank to aim for Tolmount and Tom Buidhe. This pair requires a fair de-tour over grassy featureless terrain. Navigation up here can be extremely tricky in mist, but the weather was holding nicely and we plodded on, hands in pockets, chatting as we went. Carn an Tuirc was the day's last peak, and although now colder, we hit the summit in clear conditions and took in the last summit view. An initial bouldery descent from the summit gave way to a fine path back to the roadside. We shuttled the team back up to the ski centre, in time for well deserved tea and cakes. A fine end to two days bagging 11 Munros.

More photos are on our Flickr site.