Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ben Lawers group of Munros, Jun'12

Martin McDermott lead a group of people multi-Munro bagging on the peaks overlooking the northern shores of Loch Tay on Sunday 17 June. Here's his writeup on the day !

This was the second shot at the Ben Lawers group of Munros, 7 in total over 19 kms, for this particular party.

We met up at the Lawers Inn by Loch Tay and then took two cars to the start point past the Ben Lawers Nature Reserve. First Munro Meall a choire Leith 924. Cloud level was down to 900m and so some navigation was needed at the summit. Claire put her private pilots License skills to use and volunteered to navigate us to the next Munro Meall Corranaich 1076.

We guessed by now that we wouldn't be getting many views from the summits but beneath the clouds the views were fine. In the cloud the banter between the group kept us all very amused!

Next Munro Beinn Ghlas at 1103m where we stopped for our next snack supplied by John who seemed to have a never ending stash of biscuits.

Onto Ben Lawers at 1214m the highest peak in this long ridge line and the 10th highest Munro. Then north to An Stuc 1118m. This mountain became a Munro in 1997 and is the steepest and sharpest in the range. we decided to take the tricky descent line down towards Meall Garbh which was great scramble down challenging terrain. The whole group achieved this obstacle in great style.

Onto Meall Garbh at 1116m and there was some talk of heading down after this Munro, however, John and Jayne started the mutiny and were soon joined by us all to carry on to the last Munro in the chain, Meall Greigh, 1001m. By now the sore knees and hips were evident and it was a painful walk off back to the Lawers Inn.

All in a great day out with great people, proving that lots can still be done in poor weather with the right attitude. Great effort everyone !