Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ben Wyvis, May'12

We were contacted by Jo to do some private guiding up Ben Wyvis in memory of her late fiance. Richard Kermode was the perfect guy to lead this trip and here's his tale of the day.

We met in the carpark just as the sun broke out after the cold showers and set off on a special walk up Beinn Wyvis! I was walking with Joanne and Sam today and we made excellent progress up the good path to An Cabar the first summit on the ridge, where the Tarmachan were croaking around trying to stay out or our way.

There were plenty of other walkers on the hill enjoying the sunshine and Baltic wind blowing across the summit ridge. It seemed like Beinn Wyvis was charmed as all the heavy wintery showers appeared to pass to the North and South of us allowing us to walk in clear bright weather to the summit. A spring covering of snow was on the summit making it the icing on the cake as we timed our stop at the top to perfection!

After a relaxing time on the summit we departed and wandered along the crest of Beinn Wyvis and enjoyed a sun-soaked descent down the track from An Cabar escaping the wind to finish a classic mountain walk just before the rain clouds began to build again!