Friday, 4 May 2012

Aonach Eagach, 2 May'12

The second day out with Richard in Lochaber saw the group climb along the Aonach Eagach Ridge in fine conditions. Here's his report on the day.

I was back out with Chris, Allen and David today as well as being joined by Ken whose fresher legs soon showed on the steep climb up from Glencoe to Am Bodach. It was another stunning scorcher of a day and the climbing was slow, but everybody seemed to still be on the high from the previous days walk not to mention the impressive views of Bidean across the glen.

We had some refreshments before heading out on to the Aonach Eagach remembering to apply some more sunscreen after forgetting yesterday! The rock was dry, warm and empty there weren't many folk around at all. Ours had been the only car in the carpark when we started! Everywhere we looked there were Wheatears flying around a singing about the joys of spring making welcome distractions from the climb.

After negotiating the tricky descent from Am Bodach we progressed well over the initial scrambling to reach Meall Dearg for a hot lunch break taking in views everywhere whilst relaxing on the dry warm grass. Next up the crazy pinnacled mile of delightful scrambling that is always a pleasure to be absorbed into on a day like this. The Ravens were enjoying flying past us on the lookout for some lunch no doubt!

I've never seen it so quiet on the ridge we had no encounters with other scramblers really one person past us before we started scrambling and we met some others coming the other way just as we finished the tricky sections, it couldn't have been planned better. We even saw some Ringed Ouzels on the ridge doing some scrambling of their own!

Our resident photographer, Chris, was all over the place capturing pictures in every direction so I shall look forward to seeing them. Just as we stopped for a drink at the end of the difficult scrambling a Golden Eagle soared over the ridge and there was a contest between it and a paraglider to see who could fly the highest... I know who my money is on!

All to soon we had finished the scrambling and were being slowly baked on the summit of Sgurr nan Fiannaidh were there was a little snow to cool off with before the increasingly hot descent back into Glencoe by heading towards the Pap of Glencore avoiding the craggy dangerous Clachaig gully and picking up a good footpath down to the road.

The birds were singing and sunshine and flowers were brilliant as we wandered along the quiet road in the glen back up to the Clachaig Inn for a celebratory drink and venison burger !

More photos are on our Flickr site . We've another trip currently being orgainsed for early June, details on this page soon.