Monday, 6 February 2012

Navigation, Pentlands Feb'12

The first Saturday in February saw a band of horrible weather sweep across the country. Fortunately for us, it ended up in eastern England where it dumped several cm of snow and by Sunday a fine day was in prospect for the Pentlands. We had 4 people booked onto our Navigation Skills on this day - Douglas, Lone, Amy and George, some of whom were fairly new to hillwalking, others were experienced, but wanted to brush up.

A class session saw them getting familiar with maps and compass, then out into the chilly air to work out pacing and timing. It was all then put into practice on a walk towards Allermuir Hill, including re-location techniques, identifying map features and compensating for terrain and elevation. A great day was enjoyed by all.

Our navigation sessions are held on a regular basis. We do them in the Pentlands, Lochaber and occasionally in the Monadh Liath. If you'd like to come along to one of these, or would like to know more, details are