Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fisherfield Big 6, July'11

Three intrepid and hardy souls wanted a guide to take them into one of the remotest and beautiful areas in Scotland. This trip usually involved 4 days - a walk in, 2 days on the hills and a walk out. We were intending to do it in 3 days. Fine conditions were had for our 2 and a half hour walk from Coire Haillie to Shenevall Bothy, where we based ourselves. Although we tented, cooking was done in the bothy, primarily to keep out of the midges. And day 2 began with an effort to keep the little buggers at bay ! The walk begins with a wade across a river, then onto a fine path into Gleann na Muice Beag - weather was looking promising. The higher we aimed up the path, the lower the mist dropped, until at a height of 500m when we entered a pea-souper.

All the way over Ruadh Stac Mor to A'Mhaigdean I had nose to my compass and occasional check of GPS. A real shame, cause the view from the summit of A'Mhaigdean north west must be one of the finest in the country. No let up in the mist onto Beinn Tarsuinn - Ali did think of dropping out at this point, but determination prevailed ! Over the last 3 Munros the weather improved and all the effort was rewarded with some decent views. Back to the bothy and time for grub, joining the company of a couple of other guys. In our team, Ali was now up to around 150 Munros, Tom had around 40 left to go and Catherine worked out she only had 19 left. The walk out the next day began with midge-nets on. Although we didn't know it at the time, we had been very lucky with the weather - in nearby Inverness the golf open was cancelled due to landslides caused by rain !

Some photos are on
Flickr and a video has been put on YouTube .