Thursday, 7 July 2011

Aonach Eagach, Jul'11

A low pressure system was beginning to push its way from the west, with rain and wind forecast for the afternoon, so I met up with Richard at the Aonach Eagach car-park at 7am. Starting this early ensured we'd miss the difficult conditions. We headed up, noticing that the constructed path had been extended and now turns away from the burn - I wonder where it heads onto the crest ? We stuck to the tried and tested route, which allows for an occasional drink from the burn on the way up. Onto the col between Am Bodach and Sron Gharbh, the ridge dramatically comes into view. Cloud was flowing from the north, then as it hit the ridge, it was pushed upwards by wind from the south - it was windy up here. The rock however was dry. We headed along the ridge, making quick work of the scrambly sections as we gazed in awe down the deep chasms falling either side of us. Once past the most tricky section, the scrambling easies, then it's a striaghtforward walk up onto the westerly Munro. There are various options descending, of which I prefer the scree-run from the col between Stob Coire Leith and onto Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. We came across of fox sculking around and even managed to catch a video clip of it. The weather held nicely all day. The next trip is planned for the 31 July. You can watch a video of our day on Facebook/YouTube.