Thursday, 12 August 2010

Glenshee 9, Aug'10

There are nine Munros forming a circuit around Glenshee Ski centre. There's a race along this route and this year it was a Scottish Championship event, therefore a top notch field turned out. Misty from the start and over the first two Munros - Creag Leacach and Glas Maol, I had people hanging on my tail, guessing that I knew the way. The mist lifted thereafter and those runners headed off at a fast pace. It's a long trudge, with not much ascending, bar the heather clad climb up Carn.

Tom Owens set a new record of 3:07hr - amazing ! I managed to take ten minutes of my previous time to record 4:04hr, tho I was pretty whacked (as seen in the photo taken on Carn a'Gheoidh) and glad to finish. Post race is held in the cafe at the Ski Centre, where a hearty bowl of soup and cakes come as part of the entry fee, which helps raise funds for the Braenar Mountain Rescue Team.