Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ossian and The Lakes

A weekend of contrasts ! Friday was spent wandering in glorious conditions up a couple of Corbetts near Loch Rannoch. Leum Uilleim above Corrour is an interesting hill with great views, Beinn Mholach on the other hand was pretty dull. I did miss the train to Corrour in by seconds, so had to run fast to ensure I managed to bag the hill and get down to Corrour in time for the return train.

On Saturday we headed down to The Lakes to climb Scafell Pike, the highest hill in England. The walk in from Borrowdale was fine, then the mist and rain pulled in quickly. I couldn't believe how many ill-equipped folk were up there - three separate groups were lost and asked for my help to find out where they were ! Scafell Pike bagged, followed by Sca Fell half an hour later. Boulderfield everywhere, not pleasant - will revisit in better conditions.

Later we visited Keswick and did some shopping in outdoor shops - in George Fisher saw my Classic Hill Runs and Races book for sale - signed them, so if you want a signed copy, you know where to go !