Friday, 13 November 2009

Tinto Hill Race, Nov'09

This is a tough little race up and down the main drag on Tinto - a fine hill standing on its own above Biggar and the Clyde. This is one of those hill races you either love or loath and it's becoming one of the most popular races in the country. I arrived early so as to help with something - was given the task to help Nick put out the flags and markers for the junior course. Spent an hour or so wandering along a path and thru heather, rapidly running out of markers as we tried to find the correct route. Onto the main event - it was getting busy, turns out there was a record field of 298 runners. I was determined not to blast off from the start only to blow up after a few hundred metres. So I let quite a few folk pass me, then as the ascent steepened, gradually started to pull back a few places and settle in with a few well kent faces, including Des Crowe, Adam Ward and Andy Birnie. A couple of new Carnethy guys were putting in a good performance. Nearing the summit in mist, Prasad Prasad blasted downhill past, with Al Anthony not far behind. I counted the following runners going down and worked out I was around 20th. Downhill, great and into fast mode - overtook a few then got a stitch ! Argh, Des overtook me and Stuart Saunderson got me back after I had just overtaken him. My wee legs got me to the finish in 17th place, a minute up on last year, but still 2 minutes slower than my fastest time. Results, photos and more here. Race home page on Carnethy.