Wednesday, 21 October 2009

FRA Relays, Ennerdale, Oct'09

Running for Carnethy, Bruce Smith and I took over from Mark James and Paul Ritchie, who’d had an incredible run making up lots of places. We were put on leg 3 - the navigation leg, and just to ensure we’d be challenged, the weather threw a thick veil of wet mist onto the West Cumbrian hills. Fortunately, navigation ain't too bad as the fairly featureless terrain is crossed by lines of fences. Bruce and I were overtaking quite a few folk, but local runners found faster lines and we’d meet them up time and time again. Half an hour into the race, two other Carnethy vests pulled up beside us – Jon Ascoft and Andy Fallas were pulling out all the stops. In a large group lost in the mist, many of us stopped, heads down to the maps with hands stretched out, compasses pointing hopefully the way ahead into the grey ether. We’d all overshot and had to return, losing a good few minutes. Bruce noticed runners on a path above, so we climbed onto it and we managed to pull back on our Carnethy mates. Bruce’s downhill running is quite something, but his flat running is also pretty good and I had trouble keeping with him on the last sprint back to the event. Hopefully we managed to pull even more places back before we handed over to Adam for the last leg. We were 23th in our leg - made up 65 places - more results on Sportident (pdf). Some video clips on YouTube and more on the Carnethy site .