Saturday, 26 September 2009

Two Breweries Hill Race, Sep'09

Not a favourite race of mine, but lots of hill runners really enjoy this one. With being short on photos for the Pocket Mountains book, we headed out to Traquair to take some. Perfect conditions as 109 runners lined up infront of the castle. They blasted off along the avenue of trees past us and I admit, part of me really wanted to join in. After they left, we drove down to Glenrath farm and waited for the runners to appear. Scott Fraser had a lead of around 5 minutes on a group of three others, who inturn had a lead of a couple of minutes on Stewart Whitlie. After the first 20 runners passed us we headed to Broughton from where we walked up Trahena Hill. Lovely views over the Southern Uplands, but it was bracing in the wind on the summit. Photos on the Flickr page and results on SHR website.