Saturday, 26 September 2009

Merrick Hill Race, Sep'09

After our relaxing holiday in Wales, it was time to get back into a bit of hill-running. With running over Merrick and Shalloch on Minnoch a couple of months ago, I wondered if the race would live up to the same standard of day out ? Well, yes and no ! The race is tough and mainly off-path - due to the land owners SNH insisting that we avoid running on certain ground due to the possible presence of rare plants. Weird, cause we were told to aviod the main path and not go to close to the trig-point, yet with only 37 runners in the race, the hill walkers using the main path and touching the trig point, out numbered us many times over !!!!! Perfect conditions saw Steven Winter and I leading from the outset up through the ferns onto the rough crests. I reached Merrick just before Steven, however, after the descent of the hill and onto the next climb, I bonked with only another 20 minutes or so left. Adam Anderson who'd gradually been reeling Steven and I in, overtook and descended first down to the road. There's one last steep little nasty pull up to the finish, which I decided I had to walk up. So, I'll need to get out training a bit more ! Well done to the organisers for putting on such a great race. Results are on the SHR website .