Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Glamaig Hill Race, 19 July'09

Brian makes it 7 in a row !

The weather chucked it down overnight, swamping the campsite. Fortunately conditions gradually improved, giving a decent window for the race. Carnethy, steered by Nick Macdonald and in conjunction with the Sligachan Hotel put on what must be the best race and post-race event in the calendar ! Really wet underfoot and misty higher up, times were bound to be down on last year. I sprinted off at the start and briefly held a lead until the turn off the road (what was I thinking ?), then the pack passed me over the bog. Uphill, I got more into my stride, passed a few guys and stuck behind Colin Donnelly all the way up, with new Carnethy guy, John Mitchell sticking behind me. On the turn, for the first time in the four Glamaig races I've done, I managed to more or less find the right way down the screes and passed Colin then Robert Brooks of Cosmics, who kept on my heals until I did a head plant into the bog, then he sped passed me. To be honest, he would have left me on the road anyway ! 6th overall and more importantly slightly quickly than last year, was a result ! Brian Marshall was the only runner to do the race in under 50 minutes - incredible - and has now won the race 7 times in a row. Results
here and photos here. Great evening at the Ceilidh in the Slig afterwards.