Friday, 5 June 2009

Ben Loyal, 3 Jun'09

As a child on one of our many family holidays we had in the area, this hill would have been one of the first peaks I ascended. When guide-books describe Ben Loyal it is given superlatives from the north and west, and access routes are described in detail coming in from the Kyle of Tongue - as we did all those years ago. The east side is derided, if mentioned at all ! So, I decided to head up from that side, and was pleasantly suprised. The ground underfoot is like carpet - very runnable and for most of the way you're looking directly to the main summit tor of An Caisteal. Up on the crest, the crags and tors protuding out of the otherwise flat ground are quite a suprise. And of course the views are stunning, with an interesting view onto Ben Hope's craggy bits. The jog back down brought a real smile to my face.