Monday, 4 May 2009

Adventure Show, 3 May '09

Weekend never goes as planned

The plan for the weekend was to do the Stuc a'Chroin Hill race then head up to Torridon for some hill walking, running and guiding. The remnants of a chest infection meant I wasn't going to be racing and the dreadful forecast for Monday, meant Torridon had to be cancelled. But the Adventure Show wanted to do a piece on my munro-bagging exploits and this re-arranged to Sunday. I never knew so much effort was needed for a 5 minute slot on TV. It was wonderful to meet up with such enthusiastic folk that had such passion for their outdoor pursuits. Between takes, I got an insight into what a director, interviewer and camera-man did outwith our filming - climbing, cross country skiing, mountain leading in the alps and so much more. Taking place in the Cairngorms, our 6 hours of filming seemed to pass in a flash. The piece is to be shown on the BBC in early June - I'll keep you posted as to exactly when. See Deziree and myself running whilst being filmed on YouTube here