Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Monadh Liath, 22 Mar'09

Plans changing again !

Glen Kingie was the original plan for three of us heading out for a munro-bag. However the fine weather during the week gave way to blustery wet conditions at the weekend, so after a bit of discussion and with having the use of two cars for an end-to-end run, the Monadh Liath was chosen instead. Heading from west to east, the strong winds would hopefully carry, rather than impede us. Setting off from Garva Bridge, Geal Charn was quickly reached using the faint paths through the heather. Thereafter, with the mist down, it was eyes to the well gripped map and compass to guide us over the featureless ground strewn with peat-bog and tussocks. Actually the navigation is becoming quite easy up here, or am I just becoming too familiar with the moor ? Mountain hares, ptarmigan, pipits and deer broke the drearyness of this dull section on the route. Meeting up with the fence-line coming from the north, we quickly reached Carn Dearg in a hooley, with no chance of stopping on the summit for a break. When you're seasoned hillrunners like us, who needs a break anyway !!!! With the cloud starting to break, the camera came out and I started to hold up my two fit companions Jon and Ross. Still, some of the views were worth it - or am I using that as an excuse for a breather inbetween trying to keep up ? You decide - have a look at the day's photos on my Flickr page. Following the fence-line again to Carn Sgulain, then over A'Chailleach, a quick jog took us to the hut for a break out of the wind. Back to the road-end, we all commented on the tightness of our legs, but we had managed the entire route in only 4 and a half hours.