Monday, 23 March 2009

Chapelgill, 21 Mar'09

Prasad approaching the summitThe sunny, warm weather of the previous week had dried out the hills. This with today's much cooler temperature and breeze, made for perfect running conditions - just right for a quick blast up and down Chapelgill. There's 430m of climb in this race, but crammed into only 1.2km, made for a very steep ascent. And after the turn - a punishing descent ! Once off, the runners split into two groups, one following Brian Marshall, initially contouring, the other following Alan Smith heading directly uphill. I followed Brian, but this route with its heather, proved to be the slightly slower of the two. An on-form Prasad also headed this way, eventually meeting up with Robbie (from Deeside) on the crest coming via the direct ascent, the two of them then battled to reach the summit first. On the turn Prasad showed off his descending skills and left us in awe, winning some 20 seconds clear of Robbie. Although only 25 miles or so away from Edinburgh, I was surprised there was only a handful of Carnethies taking part. I came fourth overall and first male V40. Results here. Photos here.