Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cairngorm skiing, 10 Mar'09

Heading down from the PtarmiganNormally at this time of year we take a week off work and head to Europe for a skiing break. This year with the cost of skiing rocketting and the £-Euro exchange rate definitely not in out favour, we decided to tighten our belts and head to the Cairngorms instead. I'd never skied in the Cairngorm Mountain Ski area before. Walked, ran, backpacked many times here, but skiing - no ! The mist came and went as we took the 'funny-peculiar' up to the Ptarmigan, with chat of being lost and stuck in white-out conditions building up the aprehension. We needn't have worried, as after the first few runs on the eastern side of the resort, the cloud lifted and we enjoyed some great, if short and occasionally downhill skiing. The food in the Ptarmigan was excellent too ! Photos on Flickr page to follow on Sunday.