Sunday, 8 February 2009

Gulvain, 7 February '09

The plan for today initially was for the 9 Fannaichs in the Far North. However, the weather forecast predicted on the Friday altered location and the Grey Corries were chosen instead. But on the drive up, plans changed once again and we all settled for Gulvain. And not a bad idea either !

An exceptionally fit group of seven of us ran up the snow-covered glen to the foot of the hill, then following footprints, trudged up through deep snow. Having overtaken the other hill-walkers before the south top, we were now cutting the way up - hard work !

What a glorious day with far-distant views. We'd chosen well as the Grey Corries appeared to have a veil of cloud on the peaks for most of the day. The descent was great fun, sliding on our bums. Lucy and Simon had bought a plastic cape on the way up and flew down at some speed. The event was turning us 30 and 40 somethings back into kids !

The long journey home was split with a stop for good food and chat at the Real Food Cafe at Tyndrum.

Photos of the day are on our Flickr page.