Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day in the Moorfoots

In Bowbeat Windfarm I fancied a run nearby, but something different. I'd been up the western end of The Moorfoots from Portmore Loch as part of a Carnethy Club Race, and thought today I'd expand my knowledge of these hills. After a short steep pull up from Mauldsie, it's onto wet moor. What lovely, interesting names these hills have - "Huntly Cot", "Blackhope Scar" and "Jeffries Corse" conjure up images of an exciting route. Yet, unfortunately, for most of the way to the Bowbeat Windfarm, it's a dreary trudge over wet moorland following a fence line. I do like the windfarm however, there's something quite hypnotic and relaxing about the movement and hum of the windmills, and it signals the turn back to Gladhouse Reservoir and easier terrain. On return to the farms, we had to walk through a shoot that was taking place - pheasants flew then fell as the gentry in their green stalking gear aimed directly on target. Just as long as they didn't accidently shoot a hill-runner in bright blue with his dug !