Saturday, 20 December 2008

Beinn a'Chuallaidh and Schiehallion, 20 December

Back in November, I went out and cycled up the two corbetts to the east of Schiehallion. I'd intended to head up Beinn a'Chuallaidh on the same day, but the weather turned poor, so didn't bother. Today the crisp morning air and blue skies made the month's wait worthwhile. It's less than 600m of ascent, tho the deep heather and occasional deep trough of snow made for relatively slow progress. A huge cairn and trig point sit on the summit, from where I sat and took in the 360 degree view. Dropping south from the summit, Schiehallion is full-frontal and imposing. I've been up Schiehallion 20 times or so, and it feels different every time. Today the snow and ice further up made for a slowish ascent and descent - 50mins up, 30mins down. I passed some young guys just a few minutes before reaching the summit - 3 cadets and their well-equiped guide. The guide turned out to be aged only 18 ! More photos are on the Flickr page.