Friday, 24 October 2008

Fell Running Relays, Wales, 19 October

The Fell Running Association Relay is an annual event not to be missed. Not only is it a chance to compete against top hillracing names from everywhere in the UK, but the weekend is a social catch-up for most runners. This year's event was to be held in Wales - I was excited about the thought of running up new routes in Snowdonia. Alas, the relay was held in the Clywdian Hills - not unlike the rolling gentle Moorfoots of Scotland. The running proved to be quite tough though. Andy Spenceley and myself ran the navigation leg - paths and trods for the most part, apart from the last 20 minutes or so which was uphill through dense heather, gorse and thistles. At least we didn't have to run through the field with the bulls that the leg 4 runners had to do !

In a way this race was a bit sad, as it was Helene Whitaker 's last race for our club - she's been out of Scotland for 8 years and in England for the last 5, so decided it was time to cut.

Back to Munro and Corbett bagging next week !