Sunday, 24 August 2008

Ochils 2000 race, 23 August

Around 200 runners were booked onto the Ochils 2000 race this year - that's what being a Scottish Championship counter can do to a race that attracted 61 last year. I started off well on the track through the forest, but once on the hill, I just got into a contsant fast jog along the tops. Weather held out well, but I was still grateful for the recci the previous weekend as in the second half of the race places changed more than one due to people taking different routes. I managed to take a good line most of the way and, from Blairdenon Hill to Dumyat, picked my pace up. At the finish my team mate Jon and I had sprint to the line - same time, but Jon just pipped me, so he got the prize for being in the top team ! More info and photos here.