Monday, 18 August 2008

Lomonds of Fife Hillrace, 17 August

Ok, this isn't my kind of race (1000m over 18km), as after the initial climb and drop, it's a fairly steady trail race. I actually lead for a bit onto the summit of East Lomond, then the elite guys passed me before we entered the forest. It seemed to take quite a while before I was caught by anyone else...then another...then another. Onto West Lomond was fine, but then that fall I had on Snowdon a few weeks ago seems to have affected me and my right side started to stiffen up - it was hard just holding on to the final pull uphill. Manny Gorman caught me just before the ascent, then my team mate Bruce Smith (who is now obviously over his injuries) stormed up the hill past me. The descent is brilliant fun, and the reason you must wear lycra for this race - you just throw yourself of the hill and bum-slide down through the thistles. I ended up 11th, but Carnethy won the team prize (Bruce, myself and Lucy Colqhuoun) and I was 3rd vet.